Permanent Staffing

TE Infotech's resource requirement fulfillment service is a natural extension of its core business, which is IT services. We recruit aggressively for our ongoing business needs and extends its experience and established recruitment channels to serve other companies as well.

TE Infotech trains its own consultants with extensive recruitment training, experience and a proven track record of success. Experienced recruiters are located across the country and possess a solid skills matrix to match the right candidates with the right jobs. The process of candidate sourcing is continually updated by new recruitment methods supplemented by industry and market knowledge.

Specialised practice groups are formed to accommodate clients operating in selected industries. Out of numerous specialised practices, the major categories are:

  • Product/Product Startups
  • Telecom
  • FMCG
  • Financial Services
  • Telco
  • Media & Publishing
  • Professional Services
  • Supply Chain


Managing each practice area with a specialist practice team ensures competence within the practice groups. Each team is then responsible for "thought leadership" within the area of specialisation, maintaining a close working relationship with key clients, and provide a seamless global executive search service.

These special practice groups are characterised by four complementary factors:

  • accumulated experience
  • detailed local knowledge
  • in-depth industry specific knowledge
Globally, our many specialists with their wealth of experience and extensive understanding and grasp of their industries allow TE Infotech to fully meet the expectations of the clients.